Page 12 - 2017 Christmas At The Broken Arrow
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

                Our Websites and Groups/Clubs:

                The Broken Arrow - Our Farm/Ranch
                Save Me Products - Home of Save Me Ears newborn calf hoods
                New West Heritage Riders - Mounted Drill Team
                Fort Seward Inc. - Covered Wagon Train
                Dusty Trail Riders - Riding Club

                Our Favorite Charities:

                Both of these charities will get each of your dollars where needed most. Sported
                by mostly volunteers, and no 6 figure wages for it’s officials, you can expect 95%+
                of each dollar you donate to go where needed most to help people. They also join
                together their resources often, to get a job done. Your donations to both will be put
                to good use.

                Salvation Army
                Operation Blessings
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