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                      David, as always, had another busy year.  Winter
                started out with plenty of snow to have to deal with. And
                he put hours into updating his books, as Farmers do not
                have the luxury of April 15th deadline for taxes, we have
                to file before the end of Feb.  Calving started late March,
                as David turned the bulls out a little later then usual. As
                always, the barn cameras were handy to have.
                      Spring didn’t come as early as the previous year.
                So, there was a little extra time to get equipment ready
                for planting and summer haying.   There was just enough
                rain to get the crops started good, then it got dry again.
                But with prayers for ours, our neighbors crops, God did
                provide better then we expected.  But we never enjoy the
                         David had a busy year.  Winter started out pretty
                hot dry summers. Haying had it’s difficultly first cutting
                    cold, and there was enough snow, but we have had worse winters.  Calving
                alfalfa was not bad, but second cutting alfalfa was hardly worth going after,
                    started late in Feb., and as usual, the barn cameras were handy to have. Spring
                David just hayed the low ground for the rest of haying.  We will have to buy some
                    came extra early, so crops were put in much sooner then usual.  Summer was
                extra hay again.  Wheat soon ripened and was harvested.  Then back to more
                    hot and very humid. Haying had it’s difficultly due to summer rains, but things
                haying until the soybean harvest.
                    stayed green and there was ample forage for all the livestock.  Wheat soon
                      When not doing farm work, David also still kept himself busy serving on the
                    ripened and was harvested.  Then back to more haying until the soybean
                Stutsmann County Weed Board.  The FSA Board, and now and then sang with a
                quartet at special events. He also took in family days off with Linda and Dede.
                         When not doing farm work, David also kept himself busy serving on the
                More recently he donated a couple days with a charity fund raising kuchen bake.
                    Stutsmann County Weed Board.  The FSA Board, and now and then sang with a
                Linda:                                                                                 attend a
                    quartet at funeral or holiday events. He also managed to
                      Linda was busy on the computer a great deal.  She also
                    couple of farm auctions, and doing a few family things with                           Linda
                was very busy cutting and sewing calfhoods in Jan. and
                    and Dede on Sundays.
                Feb.  The kitchen remodel took a lot of packing up. Her
                back injury from the horse tip over the previous year still
                hinders her physical activities.  She can only stand/walk
                in 15-20 minute increments.  She went in to her Dr. in May
                and asked him to get to the bottom of what was causing
                the back pain, as a back sprain that she was told she had,
                should of been healed up by now.  An MRI was scheduled
                in June.
                      Sadly, after the MRI she was told her CT scan Dr.
                missed that she had a fracture vertebrae L4, and it had
                crushed down about 50%.  She was told had someone caught that within the 1st
                four weeks of the accident she would of had a 90% chance of success rate to
                have a bone cement patch job.  But, no follow-up x-rays were ordered. Now that
                the injury was nearly a year old, an ify 40 to 50% chance it would be helpful.  A
                second opinion said don’t do it!  Be happy you can sit with little pain and walk
                some.  If unable to sit without pain, then 5 vertebrae will need to be fused with
                rods in the future.  So, Linda is praying hard for a miracle Jesus fix-it, as that
                would be the best choice.  She’d appreciate your prayers for that too!
                      She is unable to ride her horses, and really misses her trail rides and drill
                team riding with friends.  But she is never lacking for something to do, she is
                able to get a lot of work done, but work when standing gets done in increments.
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