Page 9 - 2017 Christmas At The Broken Arrow
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Linda had an interesting discovery when she had her DNA tested this
                 year. She always believed, based on what her grandparents told her of their
                 heritage, that she was at least 70%+ German with some British, Irish, French,
                 Dutch, Native American, and perhaps a scant bit of European Jew in her
                 pedigree.  She was shocked to find out she was 100% European descent had
                 no Native American, and was 76% British, and less then 6% German, with the
                 rest in smaller percentages.  Those Brits must of been everywhere in Europe!

                                               Dede is busy, happy, and doing very well on very
                                          minimum doses of depression drugs. We are hoping she
                                          can be off them completely some day soon. But this time
                                          of the year is when she misses many family members the
                                               She keeps up with her daily chores, plus tackles extra
                                        ones when needed.  And she just loves the remodeled
                                      kitchen.  As still her favorite room in the house to work in.
                                      She enjoys anytime we take a day trip away from home to see
                               friends, go to clubs we belong too, just fun things to do.  She
                continues to be very helpful, for her mom due to her back injury in 2016, and
                helps lift or move heavier things when needed.
                      In her free-time she enjoys activities, playing games with Mom or Dad, and
                she still enjoys Green Acres and tries to talk like Lisa even more then last year,
                and also has her moments trying to talk like Arnold the pig for fun.  She still has
                fear of heights, so can not handle the Medora Musical yet. But, she did get
                enough determination to go to the Shrine Circus again, and she was very happy
                that her Dad could attend this time with her.
                      The Hallmark Christmas movies are back on, and she tries to watch one of
                those each day, because she just loves Christmas!  Her favorite movies will have
                Disney Princesses, animals, babies, weddings, or shipwrecks.  We don’t know
                why, but she also loves shipwreck movies.
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